Tier 4 General Student Visa

Student Visa


If you want to become a student within the United Kingdom you need to apply for a tier 4 general student visa. As mentioned for the tier 2 visa you as an international student will need a sponsor, this would typically be the educational institution (school) in which the student would be attending their studies. The level 4 is applied for those who want to study a particular course at that institution. The tier 4 general student visa only applies to those who are ages 16 and over. Please ensure that when you apply it is at least 3 months before your course starts within the UK; it will take at least 3 weeks before you hear on a decision on your visa status; if you have been accepted or not. If you are wondering how much it would cost you to apply for the visa, it would be around £348. If the duration of your course is 6 months or less then you can arrive in the United Kingdom 1 week before your course starts, however if your course exceeds the duration of 6 months then you have the right to arrive in UK up to 1 month before your course starts.

Student Visa

Key Points

  • - You must have an unconditional offer from an institution for a place on a course
  • - Must understand all aspects of the English language (write, speak, read and understand)
  • - You must be able to support yourself financially / must have savings to live off.
  • - To apply for the tier 4 general student visa you must not be from a country that is apart of the EEA European Economic Area or from switzerland.

  • - A valid passport or other valid documentation for travel
  • - Be able to show evidence that you can financially support yourself
  • - If you are under the age of 16 you must show proof that your parent or legal guardian has given you permission to take this course
  • - Furthermore, you must provide us with evidence that your relationship with your parents or guardian is genuine if under the age of 18.