Level 5 in Management



This qualification is targeted at those who want to further their career in management. This course is mainly focused on those individuals who aspire to climb up in the management hierarchy, this course will further their education and knowledge on their capability of the essential management skills, these skills include:

  • - Asset management
  • - Engagement in recruiting
  • - Managing important and delicate information

Course Outline

  • - All the significant management principles and models are covered within the schedule of this course. The trainees will obtain a significant comprehension of the different management methods that are suitable in the working environment.
  • - When undergoing this course your knowledge on the different management systems and the theoretical aspect of management will allow you to access a better understanding on problem solving skills and how to apply them in everyday life.
  • - After completing this course you might feel like you are capable of doing more and enhancing your career even more and by obtaining your level 5 qualification in management you can further your knowledge and complete a higher qualification with the results you receive via the completion of the level 5 certification.
  • - As mentioned previously this qualification can provide an immense amount of knowledge and it will transfer into being able to present their expertise in different management scenarios.

  • - You must be the age of 19 or older to be able to participate in the course.
  • - You need to have some experience in the management sector

Once you have completed the level 5 qualification in management and have gained your certificate you can then apply for a level 6 or level 7 which would make you a highly experienced and educated individual in the management sector. It would also make you more employable because you would have met many of the criteria for high management jobs.