Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Enviroment

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Here at Aim higher Training we want to ensure that workers are safe and secure when it comes to working in construction. That is why we provide a level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment, with this course you will be certified in construction safety within the workplace, by completing this qualification you will be able to show your employers that you have gained and proven that you have the knowledge of health and safety within the construction workplace, with us at aim higher training we want to be that stepping stone in your health and safety career.


Course Outline

  • ¬Lawful Responsibilities
  • ¬Explanations behind good health and safety
  • ¬Hazard assessments
  • ¬Strategy articulations
  • ¬Fatalities,injuries and sick well being
  • ¬Slips and excursions
  • ¬Working at stature
  • ¬Moving vehicles and versatile plant
  • ¬Work hardware
  • ¬Fire
  • ¬Electricity
  • ¬Manual handling
  • ¬Noise
  • ¬Vibration
  • ¬Risky substances
  • ¬Liquor and medications
  • ¬Health & safety signs
  • ¬Individual protection gear
  • ¬Welfare offices and individual cleanliness
  • ¬Crises and emergency treatment
  • ¬Announcing mishaps and sick well being.

This course is very important because it shows your employer that you understand the health and safety standards within the workplace, if you work primarily in the construction industry then taking this is course is a no brainer. most construction companies will have its employees take this health and safety course to ensure that the can legally work in that specific type of environment. The qualification requires no earlier information and considers the way that candidates originate from various academic and business backgrounds. The preparation is usually straightforward and seen out.

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I got training here and i am so glad i did, i got more information than ever i got in any earlier trainings. Thank you so much.

Kitta J, Student