Level 7 Masters in Leadership and Sustainability

Leadership & Sustainability


This qualification has become the nation's leading diploma for those who desire to become the leading edge of leaders of the health and social care services. When individuals have successfully obtained their level 5 in health and social care they gain a significant amount of knowledge and practical skills to apply when they are in future employment and working with children or adults. When on the course there are some united which are compulsory and there are some united which are not. The ones in which you are not forced to take, you can customise it to suit your specific educational needs and those in which you will benefit from most.

Leadership & Sustainability

Course Outline

Our evaluation procedure comprises an assessment of work-based fulfilment. This expects candidates to assemble an arrangement of evidence (a portfolio) showing that they can accomplish the course targets to the necessary standard. As this would be quite difficult to do by oneself, the selected supervisor or tutor will aid the candidates on the correct way to represent the portfolio and how to achieve the necessary targets set by the course.

  • - The candidate must be over the age of 19 to start the level 5 in health and social care.
  • - The individual must have previously completed a level 3 diploma in health and social care.
  • - The candidate must have a work based placement in relation to the course.

We would recommend that this course be completed in around a time period between 9 - 12 months.

Once the candidate has successfully completed their qualification they can apply to start another course if they wish, after completing this level 5 it is very possible to apply to start a level 7 diploma in leadership and management, or after completing their level 5 they can go straight to employment.