Door Supervisor



Here at Aim Higher Training we want to provide you with the best door supervision training with our highly experienced trainers. It is important for us for our trainees to be confident and ready to take their door supervision exams, that's why we have such high standards and provide high quality training. If you choose us to be the stepping stone of your security career you will not be disappointed. Door supervision is the best method for directing the access to a building, guaranteeing that the danger of unauthorised access is reduced. You'll have to do the Level 2 Award for working in as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry, to get a cutting edge permit, which is given by the Security Industry Authority.


Course Outline

  • ¬Behavioural Standards
  • ¬Civil and Criminal Law
  • ¬Search Procedures
  • ¬Arrest Procedures
  • ¬Drugs Awareness
  • ¬Licensing Law
  • ¬Equal Opportunities
  • ¬Health and Safety
  • ¬Emergency procedures

You'll have to finish 4 training modules and pass them. Modules include:

  • ¬Working inside the private security industry
  • ¬Door supervisor specialist
  • ¬Conflict management
  • ¬Physical intercession aptitudes

  • ¬Information on public safety and security
  • ¬Persistence and the capacity to resist the urge to panic in distressing circumstances
  • ¬The capacity to work as part of a team
  • ¬To be careful and focus on detail
  • ¬Reasoning and thinking abilities
  • ¬Concentration skills
  • ¬Client support skills
  • ¬Superb verbal relational abilities
  • ¬To carry out tasks on a PC or hand held smart device.
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"Your recommendation and preparing has been so important and acknowledged for door supervision course, so again thank you in this way, to such an extent."

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