Level 6 Diploma in Business
and Administrative Management

Business & Administrative Management


A Level 6 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management consists of many different aspects. This level 6 course provides the student with 120 credits. This course demonstrates how businesses plan their business exercises at a vital level, how they execute these plans, how they guarantee the constant running of the company, and how this amplifies competitive sustainability.

Business & Administrative Management

Course Outline

Completing this course can provide an individual with many different benefits:

  • - Depending on what your career plan is, this level 6 diploma can provide you with the in depth knowledge you need to become successful in business and administrative management.
  • - If you are currently in a business where there is less opportunity for you to move up within the ranks, taking this course may become the key for you to fulfil your true potential and be promoted.
  • - If you want to add to your current arsenal of understanding of business and administrative management then this level 6 course would be the best suited for you.
  • - If you are keen on developing your educational profile then this diploma course would be beneficial in developing your understanding of the current industry.
  • - It is always possible to further your education, as this level 6 is recognised nationally you can further your learning by taking the next level of learning which is a level 7 in strategic management or even a masters degree.

  • - How long is this course - The duration of this course is 9 months long dependent on the provider.
  • - How many credits can it provide me with? - This course is marked out of 120 credits.
  • - How is the course structured? - You undergo 4 mandatory units as well as 2 optional units which you choose.